AZ Automotive Equipment Co-Owner, Brandi Byers, Joins Collaborative Connections with Kelly Lorenzen

In this episode of the Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast. Dr. Pamela Williamson with WBEC West, Brandi Byers, co-owner of Arizona Automotive Equipment, and Lauri Erickson, Founder of The Project Pros shared stories, lessons learned, and more with host, Kelly Lorenzen.

Are you a female business owner or is your business partner a woman? Have you ever considered getting certified as a woman-owned business? Do you work with your spouse and wonder how others manage their family-owned business?

They talked about everything from the journey to entrepreneurship to communication and connection, mixing family with business to how to obtain woman-owned certifications, and more.

Intrigued? Then check out this podcast episode sponsored by KLM Consulting, Marketing and Management.

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