Who are we?

Arizona Automotive Equipment, LLC, also known as Mohawk Automotive Lifts Southwest, started in 2004 by Mike and Karen Green. Their goal was to provide annual lift safety inspections and supply detailed inspection reports for customers to stay OSHA-compliant. After careful consideration, they decided to retire in 2021 and spend more time up north.


Enter, Jason and Brandi Byers, a husband and wife team committed to carrying on and improving upon the legacy created by Mike and Karen. Always encouraged to take risks and embrace opportunities by their families, Brandi and Jason tackled the opportunity to take ownership in January 2021.


“Our Mission is simple,” says Brandi. “We strive to be our customer’s trusted company in the automotive lift and equipment industry.”

Arizona Automotive Equipment Owners

Our Team

Jason Byers | Arizona Automotive Equipment

Jason Byers


Jason Byers started his automotive career as a sales representative working for Hunter Engineering. He had an opportunity to work for a small family-owned business (Mohawk Automotive Lifts SW) as a sales and service representative. He helped grow the business for 7 years and was an integral part of their success.

Brandi Byers | Arizona Automotive Equipment

Brandi Byers


Brandi Byers had an interesting career being a high school business teacher, Project Manager, and Consultant. She has vivid childhood memories playing business owner in her parents basement. Growing up, she was always curious about the entrepreneurs she admired in her family – her father and both her grandfathers.

Chris Ramirez | Arizona Automotive Equipment

Chris Ramirez


Chris started in the automotive industry in 2018 working as a mechanic. Chris enjoys working with his hands and solving problems. Chris is a member of the Army National Guard until 2022 where he will have served our country for 6 years.

Tung Chau | Arizona Automotive Equipment

Tung Chau


Tung started his career in the mechanic industry in 2009. He has mastered engine and auto body restorations. Tung is always up for a challenge. He is expanding his skills in the automotive lift business.